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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the absolute...FACTS

STATEMENT:When you lie to yourself, it's infinitely worse than when you lie to others...

FACT: I am NOT a gangsta...

I say that as an intro to this next piece...

During younger days, I saw my cousins out in the streets. Sufice to say they were a part of a lifestyle that is so often praised in the public eye-the drug culture. I was curious about but to them I was just 'little cuz', the brains. Once my cousin made a remark that I spent a lot of time in the house; it was said with a funny little smirk, almost a smug thing. It wasn't until now that I see that their silent refusal tolet me get caught up in that, their keeping me in the realm of 'little cuz' was their way of keeping me away from some of the things and choices they dealt with on a daily. That inspired me to write this song, dubbed "House Nigga"...enjoy.

House Nigga

Verse One
No wide eyed innocent hanging from these sharp corners
Blowing rolled altitudes to upper breezes to make contact
Slight sags and gangbang aspirations viewed from a windowed place
Just out of reach despite having some subtle knowledge of that
The comings and goings flash past often, seen through an almost sight
Never desire to be another facsimile of that but curiosity lives
An intelligence in those wondering eyes, nothing made to be streetwise
Not a gangsta goon nor a hoodlum heir, more elegant gentleman quality here
Attractive seductress of the streets call to silent urges to emulate ’em
But with a unspoken thing motions are made for the status quo remainder
So that a untouchable might remain virgin, clear of the dirt hands frequent
Can’t have the one hope become another dream deferred to feed Langston
For a reason hidden eyes watch the steps taken
Covert hands push the longing for shadows to the back of the bus
A smirk played about the mouth to mock the often domesticated boy
Just a front, praying on verges for a house nigga to stay out of the killing fields

House nigga serenades sang against the wind
No place for favored ones amid the fields
Curious to see the world of modern slaves
Who try to keep the promised in the house

Repeat once

Verse Two
Not another greenhorn kiddo chasing pavements to meet addicted plays
Slick sneaky strolls pushing colors, white and green shades to any wanting
Lengthy garments dwindle low, dope boy straps tightened to fit the hustle
A seductive lure to the stone deaf, a sheltered one looking on
Quick calls and whispers the standard, nearly heard by waiting ears
Wanting tastes of forbidden constant theirs yet not wanting assimilations
Beautiful mind the child truth’s aura, not of one with hustler swaggers
No gangland and no underworld, Elysian reminisce in all things
Siren women and vehicles hypnotize ’em with haunting repetitions
So without ever saying the promise is set out upon to stay gold
Insomuch that a diamond cannot be confused for another coal
Couldn’t lose the pulse of the morning to disappoint or sadden Maya
Then whispered words give thuggish angels charge over one
Cloaked footsteps follow well enough to keep chosen in line
Simpering spoken out clowning over homebound natures
Mere façade, alms cast at edges for a house nigga to know rightful place

Chorus 2xs

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