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Sunday, June 7, 2009


Another friend of mine that I often collaborate with on my songs is a guy called Eternity!, The thing I like most about Eternity! (as well as the QZA) is the fact that they push my style to be better as far as my lyricism goes. When I collaborate with either I know damn well to bring my A-game. Here is an example of that. This is a piece by Eternity! called Pumpin' Grace featuring me. Tell me what you think.

Pumpin' Grace

Caution, dangerous curves ahead
Your sultry sashay and swishing hips
Lulling me back from divinity
And right into your arms, where you want me to be
You got a gentle glide of femininity
That clouds my morals, fades the path
I'd follow that ass to hell and back
Screaming the whole while
Because it feels like so much ecstasy
You're gaping, kitten, wide open and ready
The armor piercing rocket
Shot straight up your midsection
Devouring your soul, cuddling together
You are a life form of merry notion
And I'm your god, rigid and stiff
Your peculiar swooshes, your seductive poses
Those hills that climb, and the valleys
Oh, those valleys, so ready for exploring
So I'm the spelunker, digging your caves
Working my way around inside
And causing you to come, screaming to the stars
Your vagina is a watergun
That sprays me dead in the eye
I lap your fragrant juices, it tastes sweet
I cocked the magnum, ready to shoot
But you gotta catch it all, baby
You gotta swallow me down, and love it
We were made for each other
These bodies chose this rhythmic entanglement
So we bump and grind, stick and move
Sway in the wind, or attune to heaven
Our selves and souls, dwindling in higher planes
Through sheer ingenuity, perfect connectivity
I collide with you, crashing against your shores
Feeling your waves vibrate my ocean
As we fuck like animals
Or make love, like angels...

So you a cunning linguist, right?
My cunnilingus got you gripping me vice like Miami
Tubbs and Crockkett while I cock it...
Did I say cock? Shit, I'm more about deep sea diving
Driving Latin lings below surface like Cousteau
Stop? Never, she say go until until the story climaxes
To the Mighty Max like maybe she do
Paralyze your arm, slur your speech in my stroke
No joke, me make my pencil disappear
In palaces longing for mattress mumbo jumbo
Get 'em hot like gumbo, baby...don't forget my crawdads
Strong bad, give pure ecstasy, no pill thrill
But maybe the greatest ever you had
Guarantee a lifetime of your lips calling me second dad
Blow a horn later, Sanz...are you a Horatio maybe?
Fellatio flutes ain't give her no choice but to play me
Make him cum to the point since he tapped your well
Struck gold in her perfect caves amid the yells
"I'm about to come", she me there sooner rather than later
So I did...not a building but call 'em facilitator
Of fuck fantasy
And love land litany
The best was her desire...but instead you're getting me
A speed demon tongue faster than Cort been Quick and Dead
Split legs like banana tricks and give good....instead?
Or when strong shoulders got legs propped like piece of the set
No Rushen to forget-me-nots since you never may forget
Me giving long strong lovin' by the minute, second, even hours
For the hope that your Middle Earth can stand against the Dark Tower

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