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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. -Matthew 5:16 (New King James Version)

We all hope to find someone...

The Adams among us want to find the Eve of their own lonely existence, the one who fits...

...the rib of Adam.


Our lovely goddesses....

Our Eves seek just as fervently their own completions...

...the lover of Eve.


We find that soul and love them, not for physical alone or an other smaller aspect, but because we see...

**This would be the moment where you look over at the person you love...FYI.**

God in you

God In You

A miracle
To be blind once
And now see
A Sarah so beautiful in her
Smiles and so much more
In you I saw Him
Perfect Him
In exquisite imperfections
God in you
It lit me
At the top
Of my Mount Carmel
A pillar of fire
Her passion fell
Upon this altar
Swallowed whole
All doubts
Any fears
I swear, Father
In her I keep glancing
New Jerusalem
Heaven, in her
Yes, you
The God in you
So palpable
Touched it once
To her
My Mary Magdalene
One who anoints feet
With priceless oils
To wipe them with her hair
And to fix disquiets
With her tears
Something of a...
Woman at the well
In reverse
Gave me

Living water
Being her love
And such was never to thirst
Dear Lord
There it is again
Your throne flashes
In her eyes
In her soul
Wow, her soul
God in you
Maybe you were even
My pure Delilah
That which vexes
Instead of
Stealing away my might
You are my strength
Could I call you birthright?
Stolen away from those Esau types
The one of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
Be my Queen Esther
Deliver me

As that queen saved
Jehovah, there again
Was the glimpse
Of Alpha and Omega
And end

Truly, beloved
There’s that God in you
Because above all else
You are
This broken Joseph’s
Virgin Mary
And you gave me a gift
Of no manger
But a purest love
And every time
I see you smile
That smile that parts Red Sea
Moses gifted of mine
I always see
God in you