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Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Prophet?...maybe

Be honest...

Would you EVER take spiritual advice from a crack head? How about a heroin addict? A meth user?

Despite knowing within myself that God can work through anyone... far, it's been a stuttering murderer (Moses), a shepherd boy with slingshot (David), a rich man with terrible luck (Job), a Hebrew girl made queen (Esther), a tax collecter of all things (Matthew), and a fisherman, I believe (Peter)...

...I kinda doubt it sometimes. In all honesty it would be hard for me to have the Ten Commandments quoted at me by someone who may be coming down from high...I would imagine it would be that much harder for an atheist to readily hear that.

This is my attempt to explore that particular scenario.

Listen closely to the... Street Corner Prophet

Street Corner Prophet (Interlude)

Verse One
No God here to judge these pawns living
Not a chance at some redemption, at some forgiving
Live and die sans interference from a big brother being
Look into common senses as reference for seeing

(One God here, testament to life and death of age
Slide Genesis under eyes and gave servant page
Without a faith, foolish more than imbibing poisons as did
A joke told in outburst whispers, jester, as only one kids)

Verse Two
There be singular chuckle here-belief in absentee landlord
Fairy tales in elder tomes cannot work if there’s no faith to be restored
Poison pusher victims no prophet or no priest
Nothing more than a nuisance to say the least

(Absentee wording? Bow low and hope for bless
Cross sacrifice cost is humble service, no less
Condemned for the former man in face of alms heaven sent
Clock ticks away for the chance to repent)

Verse Three
A chance is taken in thinking upstairs neighbor cares for all and addicts
Dollars and gold against immortal soul that He is just a Benedict
So when ready to concede in nonexistent trinity, to live in reality
Drop supposed angelic study guide and take hold of destiny

(Lead horses to living waters even if those fail to quench thirst
No failure in this diatribe because hand fellowship reached out first
One day if the answers so sure give no solace but merely quit
Seek out a previous strung-out, a modern street corner prophet

Addict-No talking to some people, I guess… (looks around) well, I tried. (walks off)

(The reformed addict walks down the road and is nearly knocked over by the sheer speed of a elderly woman rolling by in her automobile. As fast as she is moving it is hard to notice things and she doesn’t notice anything until a dull but loud thud from the front of her car causes her to stop.)


klasik fatale said...

this is by far the most interesting post that i've ever read! i neva thougt about this!!!


ps- How did u do that banner???
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Lucius Black said...

Glad that you are digging it...I really tried to go a little off the beaten path with this album...good to see it's appreciated.