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Thursday, February 19, 2009


The amazing thing about a story or anything that you do is the fact that it so often reflects the people, the places, and the experiences that so mold us into who we are. This is no exception...

For the last two to three years I have created an album series that pumps, breathes, and exists among all the things I just named. It's called Dirtyfoot's. The albums in the series are as follows:

  • LIVE @ Dirtyfoot's

  • Dirtyfoot's @fter dark

  • Dirtyfoot's @ last

  • Dirtyfoot's: FIN@LE

As you can most undoubtedly see, Dirtyfoot's: FIN@LE will be the last one in the series. And like always, the people I know provide the influence for the songs, the stories, and the characters. Some of the people represented in verses in this album include my friends (Santos, Che), family (Mom, Clerona), and anyone else I so deem. Thank you all those who inspired what is to come.

Now on to business...

It can always be noticed that we as someone eles's child inherit or get certain similarities from our parents, whether it be personality or physical attributes; this song really deals with that.

A father looks at his daughter and sees too much of her mother in her, a woman he loved and thought her had gotten over. The result is this..."Nearly Mirrors"

Nearly Mirrors
Vegas-Nadra? Nadra? Nadi, we need to talk…

Nadra-What could we possibly have to talk about?

Vegas-Our relationship…we should be closer than this…we used to be closer than this…what happened?

Nadra-(looks at him) Please don’t act like you don’t know…

Vegas-(sighs, looks at her) I don’t…so please tell me, Nadra…

(In the throws of her explanation to her father she thinks back some years earlier when she had heard her parents in the heat of an argument. Their arguments and disagreements were nothing to get excited over in her thinking, it happened so often after all. But one particular exchange had caused the rift between father and daughter.)

Tara-Vegas, I’m not gonna be gone forever…a few years and I get breaks to come home in between. What more do you want?

Vegas-I want you to stay and be a mother to your child and stop chasing some model fantasies….that’s what I want.

Tara-(wrinkles face in disgust) Be a mother?!? You have the balls to tell me about being a parent when the most time YOU spend with Nadi is at meals? That’s funny. You act like you don’t want her…

Vegas-Like I said at the outset of this, I didn’t want you to keep her but you were so adamant about having my child that I caved…and in any case I’m forbidding you to leave.

Tara-Whatever…you feel how you want to feel. And as far as you telling, or forbidding, me from going, that’s not even a concern. I only asked to be polite…I told Nadi, Dana and Jonathan promised to help, along with my parents and E.J. You can continue looking past our daughter. I mean, that’s what you’re really mad about, right? (turns, walks away)


Tara-Oh…one more thing. (takes off ring, throws it) I believe that is yours.

(Vegas was stricken silent in the past just as the Vegas of the present was at Nadra’s words; only in this instant did he realize exactly how much his daughter actually looked like Tara. When he finds his words again, they are shakily said but said all the same.)

Vegas-Nadi, when I said that, I…

Nadra-I know…you meant it. It’s okay. Auntie Dana, Uncle Jon, E.J., even Mommy has been here for me more than you have. And now, I’m a grown woman and you’re concerned about salvaging a relationship. (chuckles). A little late in the game for that, don’t you think? (turns, walks away)

Vegas-Where are you going?

Nadra-To Mr. Black’s house…Lucian’s coming home today.

(She exits her father’s house and leaves him alone with his thoughts. Foremost among
those thoughts is one that he had been thinking watching his child grow up into a

Vegas-Another Tara Kelly if ever there was one… (sits down)

Verse One
Beloved eyes burn twice, hers like yours
Filled with disgust at life’s grandest fool
They emerald seem to pierce and do the same
The very likewise of ones once called beloved
In hatred oculars paint this into corners
Apologies seem worthless here in everything
Looking at progeny, trick of lights almost swear
That mother reflects, daughter nearly mirrors

It's like looking in a mirror... but not

Repeat three times

Verse Two
Infatuated shapes boomerang so, built in same mold
Abused just the same by imbecilic motions
Each curve an homage to their genesis
That place is and evermore will be past betrothed
Such anger held in bodily perfection
Enough to quell any words put out to console
A child of mine looks to be illusion when eyes hang low
Almost looks like maternity maker, seed nearly mirrors

Chorus 4xs

Verse Three
Long desired fire burns again, ignite similar inferno
Set aside after a past stupidity returning to haunt
That something about her lives string in another
Born of us but beyond whatever contribution given
Disgust comes now from the passionate things
Love may have all but evaporated now
This daughter born from our becoming one confuses
Every time eyes glance, she nearly mirrors

Chorus 4xs

(Because he had no more energy, whether it be from thinking of Tara or arguing with Nadra, Vegas sits in the chair trying to numb pain with alcohol; after a while it works until he sees a picture of both Tara and Nadra standing with him on a nearby table. At that glance words, or one word, returns to him.)

Vegas-Damn. (throws glass)

Sound FX Sound of shattering glass

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