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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Van MAN Wilder...

This time... the way I came up with this one will trip you out a little. Hell, it tripped me out. It starts, I guess, with a movie and a quote. This movie, in fact.

OK. Here goes: I was watching a movie (National Lampoon's Van Wilder) and the title character Van was pointing a girl to his friend/assistant Taj. Her name was Naoni. He pointed out (and thought it was rather clever) this tidbit:

Her name's Naomi. That's "I moan" backwards. -Van Wilder (played by Ryan Reynolds), MOVIE: Van Wilder, 2002

Inspired by that I decided to write a song on the subject of great sex. In writing this I wanted to use that somehow. When you read this you'll probably notice that the words 'orgasm' and 'moan' (a word I was careful not to use lest people catch on too quickly) are conspicious only by their absence. The refrain of the satisfied woman saying Naomi serves as the synonymous word for those two so painstakingly ignored.

I thought it was kinda clever...


Verse One
Sugary sweet somebody, some body enough to make cavities
And cavities, niches were where body fits in amity
Maybe more as fingers intertwine in human vine of kudzu
Out of control, in touch with the tingling growing all through
The electric skins shock well and fingers seek the surging power
To illuminate the strength of a grand feat in phallus tower
Licked lips and transfix the desires fell in abandoned disrepair
Hot and heavy enough the set fire to the very surrounding air
Vestiges cast off in the exiles of the floors below
Living in Hell as two half clothed above such Heaven know
Intimate knowledge of spots and sights on ecstasy tour
Hitting every point of gasping interest with stops at obscure
Feasting on necks for no blood but nails dug in harder, deeper
Cain and too able to be the only lover and only keeper
Hearts attack as strokes collide in the passionate illness
Healing of a lonely ailment as two violins strung continue this
Symphony of satisfaction where the dripping rain makes applause
Standing ovations only count one letter in the eventual pause
And as the hurricane ebbs a survivor inhales and lets out slowly

Feamle VO

And she whispers out
Sweetly, slowly
Only Naomi
Softly, slowly

Repeat once

Verse Two
Caramel sweet something, some thing to pacify sweet tooth
Or teeth now nibbling at skin in sweet honest, the truth
Over thresholds, maybe matrimony as brass arm carry frame
To shape the next scene after the whisper of the final name
And that title started the next chapter upon silk of sheets
Pages of the odyssey not yet or soon complete
Unfinished, the bare skin bears resemblance to soft dreams
In realty as a temple of blinding beauty that gleams
At palace lips worship feet, slowly rising through space
Until ambrosia cascades to tongue from most holy place
As time stands still when grateful diatribes quickly escape
Stormed walls yield after no signs of pillage or rape
And eye to eye, staring souls down in the pleasure
Giddy enthusiasms again as the motions are too great for measure
Again the two conspired conspiracies of more and more
As pillows and time itself tumbles to the waiting, willing floor
Toes curl tight spirals to contain the coming waves
Of the storm washing over those facing it so brave
Another smile, lips meet and part as queen says lowly

Female VO

Chorus 2xs

Verse Three
Lollipop sweet someone, some one to give life flavor
A savory, sugary linger that mouths cannot help but savor
The dessert of the body under waterfalls, still close there
In collusion unlike any other beyond compare
Soapy fingers rub the other with two purposes in mind
As though seems to stray back to previous designs
When the waiting cup bosom in grasp of strong sensuality
And the two, smirking still, bring the tale to finality
Final caress of tongues against their loving rival
Forcing mouths together as the kiss becomes survival
Life and death in company of perfect lady, pleasing
As ling, top to bottom, does nothing but teasing
One point until strength seems to ebb like another did too
Away from the towers and back to getting through
Waist held tightly and the worship of bodies continue
At same paces but here in newer venues
Towels hold as arms did and join clothing in lower town
When finally and beautifully both tumble down
Before the slumber comes, into an ear are simple syllables, only

Female VO

Chorus 2xs

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Movie, Pt. 2

Some will win
Some will lose
Some were born to sing the blues
Oh, the movie never ends
It goes on and on and on and on

"Don't Stop Believin'", Journey, ALBUM: Escape

Cracked Mirror
(Lonely footsteps echo loudly off walls in the dark corridor as a set of familiar feet tread there again. As far as first looks go McCloud looks visibly shaken, not to a point of falter but more than necessarily normal for the boy who became monster. After the young man walked for a few more moments down quiet passageways a pause yields a door. Foregoing the customary knock he enters the office to find a chair facing a large window through which can be seen the falling dusk of Hollyville. McCloud sits in a waiting chair on the other side of the desk, holding his gun in one hand and wiping the barrel with the other. He sits wordless until Darin Black’s voice emanates from the turned chair.)

Darin-You didn’t knock.

McCloud-I felt getting here in a timely manner was a bit more important than common courtesy. So… (puts gun away) you needed me, sir?

Darin-Yes. (silent, sighs) It’s a beautiful night…

McCloud-Yes it is, sir. But what does…?

Darin-…a beautiful night for discovery. And a little completion. It’s time to kill him, Douglas.

McCloud-Is it?

Darin-It is.

McCloud-May I be frank, sir?


McCloud-Two years is a long time to be killing people but I’ve done it without question and very little complaint. Now, after so much death, this is to be the one murder I’m unsure of.

Darin-Douglas, men in our position don’t falter. We are either beast or victim and in this business being a victim is not really an option. This is the last thing needed of you before you take over as my successor…plus the truth that you’ve sought so long depend on his death. I trust…you’ll do the right thing.

McCloud-Right is a state of mind…but I will do what needs to be done. I always do. (stands, exits)

(McCloud walks down the hallway, silently in deep thought about what was said and what was to come. Foremost above sadness, regret or even longing was a disgusted thought that had nagged him for as long as he had been in Black’s employ.)

McCloud-(aside) For so long he has tried to make me the cracked mirror of his dream. I guess he may get his wish.

Verse One
Little boy
Dressed up to vests in a sorrow thing
Eyes on ‘em, sparrows
In even saddest in soprano sing
Hurting now more or less
At last rite write epitaphs to bless
Alone in your struggle and your mourn
Solo son under sun ripped into torn
Asunder at the under of the buried
Misery of Atlas too great to be carried
Burn fire called loss to singe
A child sees shadows
With offers of revenge

Cracked mirror of the new dreams
Cracked addict kid or so beams
The deal ain’t all that it seems
Kid bows so low
Shadows offer halfway the fix
Merely tricks
Makings of me
Forcing to be
Just like he

Verse Two
And the kid
Bowed to ‘em, altar
Faltered to a plan like a Gibraltar
Rocked to the core by a trade
Dice thrown and played
Took the dusk unafraid
Cloaked tight in a tailor fit suit
Mastered disasters strung into the boots
So in the clutch of an elder grasp
Docile of the lambs
Become another asp
Took a slither route
Unsure follower has a new doubt


Verse Three
And a man
Far gone in carry on and kill
No recognize seen
Chaser of a darker thrill
Bullet blast to your room
Black propositions long ago made consume
Back burner justice almost forgot
Lonely kid swears by all he is not
Twisted, resisted the complete urge
Suicide jumper mere stand on the verge
Yet if shadow has way plan ain’t dim
Once more, shooter
Just like him


McCoy-Where to, sir?

(Faster than he had noticed, his feet carry him to the car with McCoy leaning on the passenger side door of the car. Noticing him there he us jarred from thought and speaks.)

McCloud-(looks at McCoy) Huh?

McCoy-Where to, boss?




McCoy-Isn’t that where…?

McCloud-Who lives there is irrelevant. Just get in the car and drive, Tony.

McCoy-Fine, Douglas. Let’s go.

(The destination loomed before both as miles slowly began to fall behind them. An eerie, almost macabre mood now settles over the city. Yet among it one man seems unaffected.)

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Monday, April 19, 2010

never say...

Does aimless doodling mean he is any less focused there?

Does the sweet, shy girl and her words matter less because of it?

Is his resting there make him a slacker?

You could never say that you truly understood them, could you? In high school it was hard to understand those people who sat at the back of the class almost in their own reality. Apart from everyone. But why? Maybe they were just anti-social or something of that nature. Or...maybe that's the only place they felt like they had a measure of control. Away in the places they've drawn, the quiet corners of polite pondering, and a sleep before the absolute understanding.


Verse One
Saints elsewhere above common reality
Sketching loose leaf kingdoms
Distant from surrounding someone
Disregard to complex equation, sum
High turrets and balconies, perfect betrothed waits there
Sweet drawn breeze blows raven hair
Snatched away again
Questioned, answered, passed
Daydreams persist at back of the class

And here we belong
Hidden away
Here we remain
Back of the class

Verse Two
Behind lenses, frames
Lie startling shades of softest hazel
Shy, afraid
Of appraisal
Unsure of the coming words however little
Lady sits farthest back jotting notes, tresses finger’s fiddle
Until name rings out
Answers, beautifully brilliant
More scribbles of electrons, atomic mass
Gifted but quiet in back of the class


Verse Three
Heaviest weight tenders tired eyes
Struggling to remain awake, to listen
Here for remnants of the final year
Some kind of finish line seems to glisten
Head falls to desk, one eye, another
Ill afford to let down ones screaming brother
Quick rest taken
Strain to comprehend Macbeth’s alas
No such thing as fail in back of the class


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I still sometimes dream that I'm the mother of your children. I wanted her to die. -Susannah Fincannon Ludlow (played by Julia Ormond)

MOVIE: Legends Of The Fall, 1994

Tristan finally returns during Prohibition, bringing life back to the ranch and his father. He accepts Susannah's marriage to Alfred, falls in love with and marries Isabel II, and they have two children. Life seems to become more normal as Tristan finds solace in his young family. During Prohibition, Tristan becomes involved in small-scale smuggling bootleg liquor, finding himself at odds with the O'Banion brothers. Tristan's wife is accidentally killed by a corrupt police officer working for the O'Banions and in a fit of agonized grief, Tristan beats the officer to near death and has to plead guilty and serve 30 days in jail. Susannah visits, but Tristan refuses her advances and insists she "go home to Alfred," her rightful husband.*

*This is when the statemet (i.e. the quote above) is stated.

In writing this piece I deemed to take it another way, to assume the two parties feel the exact way about each other. So enjoy...

No solace remains
Neither vestiges of it
Remain here
In empty corners
Carved out
By the heart’s
Shattering to a million
Peace is…
Reticent even
Amid the cast off clothing
Skimpy, sexy, practical
Or otherwise
War paints of lipsticks
Eye shadow and mascara
Polish for slight eager claws
Dripping to a puddle of pink

The marks left mean nothing
Physical nor emotional
Physically, skin scribbles mean little
J’y suis, j’y reste
Here I am, here I remain
Clever sentiment, really
Emotionally speaking…

Too painful
Even up to now
Yet and still she thinks
Of a quiet whisper
Sometimes I dream that
I am
The mother of your children”

No comfort lingers
Nor any remnants of such
Ruminate here
In shallow spaces
Hollowed out
By the word’s
Tumbling gracefully into
Here things…
Hurt slowly
Torturous even
Amid the discarded roses
White, lavender, red
Or otherwise
Cast away letters
With love words and care
Songs written in the moment
Merely shreds upon the hardwood

The scars that count for less
Emotional nor physically
Physically, outer inked are irrelevant
Pax Aurora
The peace of Aurora
No peace left, not now
Emotionally speaking…

Too bitter to stomach
Even up to now
Here and again he thinks
Of a slow escape
Sometimes I dream that
I am
The father of your children”

musty. Must he? MUST SEE!!

Legends of the Fall is a 1994 drama film based on the 1979 novella of the same title by Jim Harrison. It was directed by Edward Zwick and stars Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins and Aidan Quinn. The film won the Academy Award for Best Cinematography.

The movie's timeframe spans the decade before World War I through the Prohibition era, and into the 1930s, ending with a brief scene set in 1963. The film centers on the Ludlow family of Montana, including veteran of the Indian Wars, Colonel Ludlow, his sons, Alfred, Tristan, and Samuel, and object of the brothers' love, Susannah.

This movie was shot in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada.


  • Brad Pitt as Tristan Ludlow

  • Anthony Hopkins as Col. William Ludlow

  • Aidan Quinn as Alfred Ludlow

  • Julia Ormond as Susannah Fincannon Ludlow

  • Henry Thomas as Samuel Ludlow

  • Karina Lombard as Isabel "Isabel II" Decker/Isabel Decker Ludlow

  • Gordon Tootoosis as One Stab

  • Christina Pickles as Isabel Ludlow

  • Paul Desmond as Decker

  • Tantoo Cardinal as Pet Decker

  • Robert Wisden as John T. O'Banion

  • John Novak as James O'Banion

  • Kenneth Welsh as Sheriff Tynert

  • Bart the Bear as The Bear

Sick of the betrayals the United States government has perpetrated on the Native Americans, Colonel William Ludlow (Anthony Hopkins) retires to a remote part of Montana with One Stab, a Native American friend and narrator of the film, where they build a ranch. Accompanying them are hired hand Decker, Decker's Cree wife, Pet and their daughter, Isabel II. The Colonel's wife, Isabel, does not adapt to the harsh winters and soon leaves to live on the East Coast. Colonel Ludlow has three sons: Alfred, the eldest, is responsible and cautious; Tristan is wild and well versed in American Indian traditions; Samuel, the youngest, is educated but naive and is constantly watched over by his brothers.

At age 12, Tristan tries to sneak up on and touch a sleeping grizzly bear. The bear awakens and slashes at Tristan, injuring him, but he stabs at the bear's paw and manages to cut off a claw. The bear limps away.

As the boys grow up, Samuel returns from Harvard with his fiancée, Susannah Fincannon. She finds Tristan's wild charisma captivating, and she is conflicted over this because she loves Samuel. Before they can marry, Samuel tells his family that he is leaving for Calgary to join the Canadian Expeditionary Force, and serve England in the fight against Germany. Much to their father's displeasure, Alfred and Tristan go with him.

During World War I, the brothers find themselves in the 10th Battalion, CEF. Alfred, commissioned as an officer, leads a mass charge into no man's land, possibly an offensive during the 2nd Battle of Ypres (see below), although the date in the narration is given as February 1915, rather than the real date of April-May. Tristan abandons his own unit to be at Samuel's side. The attack is repulsed with heavy casualties, and Alfred is wounded. While visiting Alfred in the field hospital, Tristan learns that Samuel has volunteered for a dangerous reconnaissance mission. He rushes off frantically to protect his younger brother but arrives too late to save him from being gassed and fatally machine gunned. Devastated, Tristan holds Samuel until he dies. Then, in tears, Tristan cuts out Samuel's heart, which he sends home to be buried on his father's ranch. Seething with hatred, Tristan single-handedly raids behind German lines, killing two gunners,though they are not the one's responsible for Samuel's death. To the horror of his fellow soldiers, he returns to camp the following morning with the scalps of German soldiers hanging around his neck. He is discharged from army service but doesn't go home (a deleted scene on the DVD shows him in a psychiatric hospital.) In the meantime, Alfred returns to Montana and proposes marriage to Susannah, but she declines.

Tristan returns home, where Susannah finds him weeping over Samuel's grave. Trying to comfort him, they become lovers. A jealous Alfred confronts Tristan and later leaves to make his name in Helena. Tristan's relationship with Susannah is doomed by his guilt and pain for failing to protect Samuel, as well as feeling responsible for driving Alfred away. These demons force him to go travelling again, chasing him all over the globe. Back at the ranch, Susannah waits for him but eventually receives a letter: "All we had is dead. As I am dead. Marry another." Alfred finds her weeping on the porch and tries to comfort her. Colonel Ludlow finds them together, leading to a huge row and they fall out. Colonel Ludlow has a stroke later. He doesn't speak for years and the ranch deteriorates. Eventually, Susannah agrees to marry Alfred, who is now a congressman. Alfred's business and politics cause him to get involved with the O'Banion brothers, Irish bootleggers and gangsters.

Tristan finally returns during Prohibition, bringing life back to the ranch and his father. He accepts Susannah's marriage to Alfred, falls in love with and marries Isabel II, and they have two children. Life seems to become more normal as Tristan finds solace in his young family. During Prohibition, Tristan becomes involved in small-scale smuggling bootleg liquor, finding himself at odds with the O'Banion brothers. Tristan's wife is accidentally killed by a corrupt police officer working for the O'Banions and in a fit of agonized grief, Tristan beats the officer to near death and has to plead guilty and serve 30 days in jail. Susannah visits, but Tristan refuses her advances and insists she "go home to Alfred," her rightful husband. After his release from jail, Tristan and his father-in-law Decker kill those responsible for Isabel II's death, including one of the O'Banion brothers.

Susannah, gazing at herself in a mirror, then hacks off her hair, and commits suicide out of guilt and inner conflicts. When the remaining O'Banion brother comes for Tristan, he and the corrupt Sheriff are shot and killed by Colonel Ludlow and Alfred as Tristan attempts to protect his father. Alfred is finally forgiven by, and reunited with, his father and brother. Tristan, knowing he will be blamed for the men's disappearance, leaves for the mountain country after asking Alfred to take care of his children. The film skips ahead, showing a rundown cemetery with the gravestones of everyone in Tristan's life, all who died before him. The movie ends with Tristan as an old man in the woods. He enters a clearing to investigate an animal carcass when he's set upon by a grizzly bear. He draws his knife and fights it. They struggle and as Tristan once again raises his knife to attack once more, the image freeze frames as One Stab says, "It was a good death."

This is a set-up for the next post. Get ready.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Virgin Experiment, Test A

This is my first attempt at a ballad so here goes something...

(humming "Big Brother")

Translate espanol
No way Jose
Then I went and told Jay brown
Should of known that was gonna come back around
Should of told you like a man should of told you first
But I told somebody else, that's what made shit worse

My big brother was BIG's brother
So here's a few words from your kid brother
If you admire somebody you should go ahead and tell um
People never get the flowers while they could smell um

"Big Brother", Kanye West, ALBUM: Graduation(2008)

Usually speaking, a lot if not all of my songs are about people and situations. Right now I'd like to slow down and pay heed to that particular quote and tell a number of people their importance to me if they didn't already know it. And with this piece all the people are represented as royalty and people of a royal court, mystic beings, or nature personified. Reading it you should be able to figure out who you are and what it is I'm saying about your particular character. If not, just ask and I'll tell you.

(clears throat)

I present to you..."THE COURAGE OF LOVE"

The gallant Galahad to some
A rock upon which many found the swells
Of deepest inquiries, of pensive strategies
A place where secrets found castle, to rook words perfectly
That unyielding stone where waves crashed, tides ebbed
And there always stood fortitude
Silent strength to all
Yet, and still it seemed
Those goddesses and princes
Gave glorious gift
To a stony juggernaut
That silently grew in solace
In the fortress of a quieter calm
Unbeknownst yet sustaining second life
A second wind for latter days of grand race
From each came a Magi sort of something
Perfectly wrapped as if sweetest myrrh
Or the beloved gold or frankincense

There was the one among the many
A deep rooted tree
Who resolved to present to that mountain
With everlasting loyalty
As constant as New Jerusalem itself
Unbreakable the bonds of it
Through bloody sands and all the opposite of the evens
Stood the fraternal bonds and to the day
Immortal stay
Two others extended likewise courtesy
Longtime allies to an ever-changing peak
The looming druid of the duo seems backend
Of a flipped coin to eyesight
Opposite but same, challenging eloquence to venues
Beyond some normal standard
And the lute player sort of both
Was the blood far past days when memory began
Challenge and recollection was the granted
And mind once knew of a strong sorceress
Immortal but human, strong but fragile
Talented to no ends
Another that pushed and challenged
But the yin and yang of the existence
Told lessons of balance, and gray being
Nothing too dark, nothing too light
That duality seemed perfect shaping
As charm caster became a sister even
The apex doted upon a chance meeting
That became more
A listening ear
Belonging to sweet aurora
Brighter than the length of days
Infected, rather rained upon
With the joy of the presence
The word of ever calling this jagged climb
Family and leading the same
To a place of prominence
In the brightest corners of soul

Then there came shortly after
A weathered rose
Palest lavender in the coloring
Growing there strong
A beautiful sight to watch
Unlike any other, unlike stone
Strength more potent in imperfect petals
And a great companion, kindred soul
One like never to be again
Overlooking the summit was another peak
Taller, greater, a humbling giant
That showed mirrors and gave wisdom
And a friendship built in same strength toil
Smaller of the two looked up to greater
As a little brother might
Stare up at the accomplishment of eldest brother
Hoping to do pride to those works
Later days came when mountains met the sky
Some days misty blue, other days gray as a storm’s crow
An admiration grew
Because of the colors
No, not the misty blues of glum grays
But how true colors always seemed to show though
Colors of steadfast nature, transcendence
And a loyalty to rival elder mountain or tree
Druid or lute player
For those reasons the two met always
As blood, thickest brew
Then there was the hurricane
Unpredictable, wild
Even beautiful as the dawn
Seemed the storm taught ways to be different
To alter the normal perfectly
To make the off kilter glamour
Every eye seems to hunger after
Without having ever said
Exactly that
Then at loving last
There was the sun and the moon
So dear to the heart
Having carved their own niches
In deep caves inside the rock
The rise of the sun was a delight
The day’s star warmed the dark side of the mountain
Rays of hope, optimism, and the grandest future
Things the lowly mountain thought impossible
Illogical for even consideration
But possible in every dawn and every noon
And as the other falls
Sister seems to come again
From the backdrop of stage
A sweet lullaby those moonbeams
The thoughts of the focus, the drive
Falls on the base, the zenith
And focuses the peak
All without ever saying
But by actions
By the strive, ever vigilant
And when account is taken
Of all the qualities shared, given
Only one thing can be made
Only one
All of these creations
Gave to a mountain
The ability
And the courage of love

Friday, April 9, 2010

Achtung, Baby!!

Form the depths of a silent hiatus comes the newest post, The Virgin Experiment, Test A. Coming soon so...look out for it