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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Movie, Pt. 2

Some will win
Some will lose
Some were born to sing the blues
Oh, the movie never ends
It goes on and on and on and on

"Don't Stop Believin'", Journey, ALBUM: Escape

Cracked Mirror
(Lonely footsteps echo loudly off walls in the dark corridor as a set of familiar feet tread there again. As far as first looks go McCloud looks visibly shaken, not to a point of falter but more than necessarily normal for the boy who became monster. After the young man walked for a few more moments down quiet passageways a pause yields a door. Foregoing the customary knock he enters the office to find a chair facing a large window through which can be seen the falling dusk of Hollyville. McCloud sits in a waiting chair on the other side of the desk, holding his gun in one hand and wiping the barrel with the other. He sits wordless until Darin Black’s voice emanates from the turned chair.)

Darin-You didn’t knock.

McCloud-I felt getting here in a timely manner was a bit more important than common courtesy. So… (puts gun away) you needed me, sir?

Darin-Yes. (silent, sighs) It’s a beautiful night…

McCloud-Yes it is, sir. But what does…?

Darin-…a beautiful night for discovery. And a little completion. It’s time to kill him, Douglas.

McCloud-Is it?

Darin-It is.

McCloud-May I be frank, sir?


McCloud-Two years is a long time to be killing people but I’ve done it without question and very little complaint. Now, after so much death, this is to be the one murder I’m unsure of.

Darin-Douglas, men in our position don’t falter. We are either beast or victim and in this business being a victim is not really an option. This is the last thing needed of you before you take over as my successor…plus the truth that you’ve sought so long depend on his death. I trust…you’ll do the right thing.

McCloud-Right is a state of mind…but I will do what needs to be done. I always do. (stands, exits)

(McCloud walks down the hallway, silently in deep thought about what was said and what was to come. Foremost above sadness, regret or even longing was a disgusted thought that had nagged him for as long as he had been in Black’s employ.)

McCloud-(aside) For so long he has tried to make me the cracked mirror of his dream. I guess he may get his wish.

Verse One
Little boy
Dressed up to vests in a sorrow thing
Eyes on ‘em, sparrows
In even saddest in soprano sing
Hurting now more or less
At last rite write epitaphs to bless
Alone in your struggle and your mourn
Solo son under sun ripped into torn
Asunder at the under of the buried
Misery of Atlas too great to be carried
Burn fire called loss to singe
A child sees shadows
With offers of revenge

Cracked mirror of the new dreams
Cracked addict kid or so beams
The deal ain’t all that it seems
Kid bows so low
Shadows offer halfway the fix
Merely tricks
Makings of me
Forcing to be
Just like he

Verse Two
And the kid
Bowed to ‘em, altar
Faltered to a plan like a Gibraltar
Rocked to the core by a trade
Dice thrown and played
Took the dusk unafraid
Cloaked tight in a tailor fit suit
Mastered disasters strung into the boots
So in the clutch of an elder grasp
Docile of the lambs
Become another asp
Took a slither route
Unsure follower has a new doubt


Verse Three
And a man
Far gone in carry on and kill
No recognize seen
Chaser of a darker thrill
Bullet blast to your room
Black propositions long ago made consume
Back burner justice almost forgot
Lonely kid swears by all he is not
Twisted, resisted the complete urge
Suicide jumper mere stand on the verge
Yet if shadow has way plan ain’t dim
Once more, shooter
Just like him


McCoy-Where to, sir?

(Faster than he had noticed, his feet carry him to the car with McCoy leaning on the passenger side door of the car. Noticing him there he us jarred from thought and speaks.)

McCloud-(looks at McCoy) Huh?

McCoy-Where to, boss?




McCoy-Isn’t that where…?

McCloud-Who lives there is irrelevant. Just get in the car and drive, Tony.

McCoy-Fine, Douglas. Let’s go.

(The destination loomed before both as miles slowly began to fall behind them. An eerie, almost macabre mood now settles over the city. Yet among it one man seems unaffected.)

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