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Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Virgin Experiment, Test A

This is my first attempt at a ballad so here goes something...

(humming "Big Brother")

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No way Jose
Then I went and told Jay brown
Should of known that was gonna come back around
Should of told you like a man should of told you first
But I told somebody else, that's what made shit worse

My big brother was BIG's brother
So here's a few words from your kid brother
If you admire somebody you should go ahead and tell um
People never get the flowers while they could smell um

"Big Brother", Kanye West, ALBUM: Graduation(2008)

Usually speaking, a lot if not all of my songs are about people and situations. Right now I'd like to slow down and pay heed to that particular quote and tell a number of people their importance to me if they didn't already know it. And with this piece all the people are represented as royalty and people of a royal court, mystic beings, or nature personified. Reading it you should be able to figure out who you are and what it is I'm saying about your particular character. If not, just ask and I'll tell you.

(clears throat)

I present to you..."THE COURAGE OF LOVE"

The gallant Galahad to some
A rock upon which many found the swells
Of deepest inquiries, of pensive strategies
A place where secrets found castle, to rook words perfectly
That unyielding stone where waves crashed, tides ebbed
And there always stood fortitude
Silent strength to all
Yet, and still it seemed
Those goddesses and princes
Gave glorious gift
To a stony juggernaut
That silently grew in solace
In the fortress of a quieter calm
Unbeknownst yet sustaining second life
A second wind for latter days of grand race
From each came a Magi sort of something
Perfectly wrapped as if sweetest myrrh
Or the beloved gold or frankincense

There was the one among the many
A deep rooted tree
Who resolved to present to that mountain
With everlasting loyalty
As constant as New Jerusalem itself
Unbreakable the bonds of it
Through bloody sands and all the opposite of the evens
Stood the fraternal bonds and to the day
Immortal stay
Two others extended likewise courtesy
Longtime allies to an ever-changing peak
The looming druid of the duo seems backend
Of a flipped coin to eyesight
Opposite but same, challenging eloquence to venues
Beyond some normal standard
And the lute player sort of both
Was the blood far past days when memory began
Challenge and recollection was the granted
And mind once knew of a strong sorceress
Immortal but human, strong but fragile
Talented to no ends
Another that pushed and challenged
But the yin and yang of the existence
Told lessons of balance, and gray being
Nothing too dark, nothing too light
That duality seemed perfect shaping
As charm caster became a sister even
The apex doted upon a chance meeting
That became more
A listening ear
Belonging to sweet aurora
Brighter than the length of days
Infected, rather rained upon
With the joy of the presence
The word of ever calling this jagged climb
Family and leading the same
To a place of prominence
In the brightest corners of soul

Then there came shortly after
A weathered rose
Palest lavender in the coloring
Growing there strong
A beautiful sight to watch
Unlike any other, unlike stone
Strength more potent in imperfect petals
And a great companion, kindred soul
One like never to be again
Overlooking the summit was another peak
Taller, greater, a humbling giant
That showed mirrors and gave wisdom
And a friendship built in same strength toil
Smaller of the two looked up to greater
As a little brother might
Stare up at the accomplishment of eldest brother
Hoping to do pride to those works
Later days came when mountains met the sky
Some days misty blue, other days gray as a storm’s crow
An admiration grew
Because of the colors
No, not the misty blues of glum grays
But how true colors always seemed to show though
Colors of steadfast nature, transcendence
And a loyalty to rival elder mountain or tree
Druid or lute player
For those reasons the two met always
As blood, thickest brew
Then there was the hurricane
Unpredictable, wild
Even beautiful as the dawn
Seemed the storm taught ways to be different
To alter the normal perfectly
To make the off kilter glamour
Every eye seems to hunger after
Without having ever said
Exactly that
Then at loving last
There was the sun and the moon
So dear to the heart
Having carved their own niches
In deep caves inside the rock
The rise of the sun was a delight
The day’s star warmed the dark side of the mountain
Rays of hope, optimism, and the grandest future
Things the lowly mountain thought impossible
Illogical for even consideration
But possible in every dawn and every noon
And as the other falls
Sister seems to come again
From the backdrop of stage
A sweet lullaby those moonbeams
The thoughts of the focus, the drive
Falls on the base, the zenith
And focuses the peak
All without ever saying
But by actions
By the strive, ever vigilant
And when account is taken
Of all the qualities shared, given
Only one thing can be made
Only one
All of these creations
Gave to a mountain
The ability
And the courage of love