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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I want you to, wrap your hands around my body
Take me to another place let's get away from here
I want you to, let me know exactly how you feel
No holding back, no strings attached
Wanna touch your body

Let me show you something brand new
When we're through, we'll talk
All night, what's on your mind
Let me show you something brand new
When we're through, we'll talk
All night, what's on your mind
"Brand New", Keyshia Cole, ALBUM: A Different Me

A careless whisper
Into a sleeping temple
Sweet curve of listening
Twitches ever so
As lips tickle
And soft suggestion escapes
To merely say
“You know…”
And she smiles
Something small but still
Rivalry to a Cheshire sort
Because she does
Before her Adonis did
It occurred to in unconscious hours
Since becoming solitaire
In the only sense two can
The instance singular that matters
“I do know…”
Aphrodite let the words fall away
Just like vestiges and pretenses had
And in harlequin reminiscence
That pauper made king smiles
For in just three words
With three returned syllables
There was given a crown
Immortal metal
Of a man
By virtue, proof of mettle
Goddess took chance to speak softly
Bless his hearing with dulcet tone
“No one…”
Lingering contentment
Plays about the next pronouncement
Solo in simplicity
Yet to mean more
Than any arias
Or great opera
It contents when it tumbles from the lips
At it she fits herself
That much closer
Her soft curve lost in Adonis
As their closeness increases
In intensity
Enough to light suns ablaze
And in volumes
As the wordless
And the simplistic
Yell quietly to make
A beautifully awful din
Alive with his words
Shedies again
Eternal in his arms
In this bed, shared
Their marvelous machine
For stopping this world
And for
Chaining these hearts
For as long as God loves
And one day longer

And two shall chain themselves together with the one thing that is more fragile than fine china and so much stronger than steel-love." -Lucius Black