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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Van MAN Wilder...

This time... the way I came up with this one will trip you out a little. Hell, it tripped me out. It starts, I guess, with a movie and a quote. This movie, in fact.

OK. Here goes: I was watching a movie (National Lampoon's Van Wilder) and the title character Van was pointing a girl to his friend/assistant Taj. Her name was Naoni. He pointed out (and thought it was rather clever) this tidbit:

Her name's Naomi. That's "I moan" backwards. -Van Wilder (played by Ryan Reynolds), MOVIE: Van Wilder, 2002

Inspired by that I decided to write a song on the subject of great sex. In writing this I wanted to use that somehow. When you read this you'll probably notice that the words 'orgasm' and 'moan' (a word I was careful not to use lest people catch on too quickly) are conspicious only by their absence. The refrain of the satisfied woman saying Naomi serves as the synonymous word for those two so painstakingly ignored.

I thought it was kinda clever...


Verse One
Sugary sweet somebody, some body enough to make cavities
And cavities, niches were where body fits in amity
Maybe more as fingers intertwine in human vine of kudzu
Out of control, in touch with the tingling growing all through
The electric skins shock well and fingers seek the surging power
To illuminate the strength of a grand feat in phallus tower
Licked lips and transfix the desires fell in abandoned disrepair
Hot and heavy enough the set fire to the very surrounding air
Vestiges cast off in the exiles of the floors below
Living in Hell as two half clothed above such Heaven know
Intimate knowledge of spots and sights on ecstasy tour
Hitting every point of gasping interest with stops at obscure
Feasting on necks for no blood but nails dug in harder, deeper
Cain and too able to be the only lover and only keeper
Hearts attack as strokes collide in the passionate illness
Healing of a lonely ailment as two violins strung continue this
Symphony of satisfaction where the dripping rain makes applause
Standing ovations only count one letter in the eventual pause
And as the hurricane ebbs a survivor inhales and lets out slowly

Feamle VO

And she whispers out
Sweetly, slowly
Only Naomi
Softly, slowly

Repeat once

Verse Two
Caramel sweet something, some thing to pacify sweet tooth
Or teeth now nibbling at skin in sweet honest, the truth
Over thresholds, maybe matrimony as brass arm carry frame
To shape the next scene after the whisper of the final name
And that title started the next chapter upon silk of sheets
Pages of the odyssey not yet or soon complete
Unfinished, the bare skin bears resemblance to soft dreams
In realty as a temple of blinding beauty that gleams
At palace lips worship feet, slowly rising through space
Until ambrosia cascades to tongue from most holy place
As time stands still when grateful diatribes quickly escape
Stormed walls yield after no signs of pillage or rape
And eye to eye, staring souls down in the pleasure
Giddy enthusiasms again as the motions are too great for measure
Again the two conspired conspiracies of more and more
As pillows and time itself tumbles to the waiting, willing floor
Toes curl tight spirals to contain the coming waves
Of the storm washing over those facing it so brave
Another smile, lips meet and part as queen says lowly

Female VO

Chorus 2xs

Verse Three
Lollipop sweet someone, some one to give life flavor
A savory, sugary linger that mouths cannot help but savor
The dessert of the body under waterfalls, still close there
In collusion unlike any other beyond compare
Soapy fingers rub the other with two purposes in mind
As though seems to stray back to previous designs
When the waiting cup bosom in grasp of strong sensuality
And the two, smirking still, bring the tale to finality
Final caress of tongues against their loving rival
Forcing mouths together as the kiss becomes survival
Life and death in company of perfect lady, pleasing
As ling, top to bottom, does nothing but teasing
One point until strength seems to ebb like another did too
Away from the towers and back to getting through
Waist held tightly and the worship of bodies continue
At same paces but here in newer venues
Towels hold as arms did and join clothing in lower town
When finally and beautifully both tumble down
Before the slumber comes, into an ear are simple syllables, only

Female VO

Chorus 2xs