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Monday, February 9, 2009

Aria Autistic, Artistic

A thought...

The smaller things we do in this life...

...tend to become so great and something...


Examples of that include:

  • Encouraging someone

  • Offering help when possible

  • Comforting someone in a time of need

  • Standing strong in the face of a difficult road

A young father doing just that is a simple thing but if that includes the difficulty of rearing an autistic child, it may just be almost insurmountable. I guess in the end it all comes down to his ability to stand and do what no one else can do for him-be a father. I touch on that in the next piece your eyes are going to read..."The Stand"

The Stand

Verse One
Dealt hands too much for too young as such child
Runs against standard grain almost, nearly wild
Repeated actions, an art of the stand off born boy
Not some habit time can simple plan destroy
Hard road to build strength in youth
A spray of destiny and the power of truth
Disorder not a problem, mere measure of a man
Fall on bended knees and continue to stand

Stand, man; love a miracle born
Be not the masses, be not torn
One life needs yours to be more than you
Stand now for it is the only thing to do

Verse Two
Woman left amid the stress of the caring arms
Failed reckless to see the miracle charms
The child with no words perfect but no worse
Mother saw not blessings in what all call curses
Fell to daddy dearest to shoulder the years
To push back the society of night bound in fears
A final back cannot turn but offer a hand
So that son and father together can stand


Verse Three
Grew up because God makes no mistake
About the testing, trying path feet must take
Son slightly askew but more character to share
With someone made of frights but obliged to care
Naysayer belief in the failure of novice pitch
Refusing to falter, refusing to switch
Difficult though it may be, father is in demand
To be the only one able, willing to stand


(They pass the father, smiling at his attention despite being so young. In the face of this scene a homeless vagrant passes and sees a half-eaten muffin. He lingers over it and…)

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