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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Connect, Pt. 2

I am going to tell you something you should know already: Savannah, GA is a talented city. Now bear in mind I'm NOT saying that Savannah is the new Atlanta or anything like that. What I'm saying is that talent in Georgia is not strictly limited to the Atlanta area. Case in point, me. Another of the city's beacons of light...this guy.

I've known this man, J.L. Manning (or J.Laurent), since elementary school. A long time, really. We've gone to the same school since graduation. It struck me as odd that we both being engrossed in different aspects of music (in addition to our pursuits of higher education) that we hadn't worked on something together in that realm before. Here now we're doing just that. As we've discussed, he's producing my first mixtape (YERP!) and I'm really excited. There is also the plan to put out a track by the beginning of September so stay tuned. Our FIRST official collaboration is a song I penned recently from one of his beats. A wonderful track called "I'm Movin' On".

SHAMELESS PLUG: If you want to check out the production of J. Laurent, please stop whatever you're doing and hit up Yerp.

Here's a snippet of the lyrics:

Alleviate me from your thoughts so easily
Like the love days was sickness, coughs and measly
Mind games pushed up to a new mind frame
Of ascensions past you and the tensions of the same
Sort of nonsense, the explanation was like gibberish
Later on your body’s gonna scream for mine as last wish
For the way the curves met, lost within the deep sets
All you got for company now-bitter regret
Bets on the double down that I was still the willing clown
Dancing in the three rings sing
Stars falling down
Where your words left shards
Queen of the discards
This card was foolish enough
Threw in the trump card
I was thinking of a paradigm
Epiphany to the crime
Losing lust after your taste and your design
Maybe all the nights are gone
Maybe it’s a better dawn
Whatever the case may be, I’m moving on