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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Connect, Pt. 1

Now you all know my close association with Lieu Fatale. I say close in the sense that I consider her something of a genius and a good friend. Recently one of her friends added me here on the Book of Faces. Young lady by the name of Rachael "Rai" Gethers.

Suffice to say, after a few conversations and a reading of some fire she wrote I came to a conclusion: This girl is mad talented. The other night while in the midsts of one of those exchanges, we started scribbling. It's usually what happens when you put two writers together. She had already posted it on her page so I thought I should do the same. **NOTE:** If you read my notes consistently, you know that the italics represent the female voice whereas the bold is the representation of the male speaker. The same is true here. May I present...


Let’s go away to space so we can witness
Thirty-two sunrises
And thirty-two sunsets every day

Who's flying, you or I?
We both are
Sounds like a worthwhile trip
What's next after our two thirty-twos?
Return the earth and live life
Just me and you

In the places where nightfall
And the day tumble down, peacefully complete

Space was just an assessment
Passed with flying comets and shooting stars.
Welcome to Mars
Nightfall and day tumble down, in sync

Almost like it both were compliments to the other
Twisted sweetly around in symbiotic existence
Amongst falling stars
All ours
Endlessly touching
Suns, galaxies, each other

She’s sunbeams
He's thunder
On earth they're made for one another

His sound is for her light
Her blaze intensifies his timbre
Great and terrible all the same
Terrible that something like this had never existed
So great because now it does

Now more than ever, before this collision of power
One can see a great work of love
An act of kindness so bizarre that...

...that words fail
Those syllables so powerful
At the altar
That alters them, makes them power
Energy immortal

Three words
Three syllables that never fail.
That live as immortal as they
They fuel their power, their desire
Blooming like a flower

A flower born of her sun
Cooled in his starlit shad
A true symbol of the three
Unfailing, enduring
And more beautiful than the word itself

So in sync
Nightfall and day tumble down as one


The Equal Opposites
Lucius Black; RaiGee
R. Gethers; L. Powell