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Friday, January 30, 2009

MIRROR, mirror

I'm going to whisper to you...softly in your ear...allow the words to ensnare your soul, capture the very breathing living in your chest....

Are you ready? I hope so...

Close your eyes...close them right now.

(Her eyes are closed and her entirety is focused on what is to come. Somewhere off in the backdrop of this scene a soft and familiar song plays, her clue as to what is to come next; the verse is lost on her but the chorus is what makes her lips form a slight, seductive smile.)

Baby I love making love in front of the mirror (In front of the mirror)

So that I can watch you enjoying me (Baby tonight)

Baby tonight let's try in front of the mirror (In front of the mirror)

Watching ourselves make love

Girl why don't we

Ne-Yo, "Mirror", album: "In My Own Words" (2006)

Imagine it...

Think on it...

See it...

Could you imagine being turned on by your naked reflection in the mirror?

Can you think on seeing your body and wanting to share it with your lover?

Could you see yourself making love in a mirror?

Based off what I can only assume was my homegirl's personal FANTASY, this one is a take on that very subject. It is my supreme pleasure to present to you..."Doubled, She". Enjoy.

Doubled, She
(She leaves the basement and, feeling a little unclean about the whole thing, decides to take a shower. It isn’t until she exits the shower that she notices her beautiful caramel skin in the mirror; like Narcissus she falls in love with her reflection. But instead of disappearing after pining away for that reflection, she finds herself thoroughly aroused, wanting nothing more than for someone to share it with her.)

Verse One
Modern waterfall caressed the soft caramels draped upon her outside
Moisture clinging to curves effortless as the skin and waters collide
Unclothed body perfect infinite display as looking glass takes in every aspect
Eyes and mirrors in tandem delight in the sensual felt respect
Bosom slowly rises and falls, quickening at excitement of reflection
Touches against pert nipples in anticipation, the adrenaline injection
Midriff bared and the hourglasses made of epidermis tingles just so
In turns the hips sway and willing hands refuse to release or let go
Fingers desire to tickle lower extremities, clitoris on verges of explosion
Inhibitions seem fleeting in temptations of self-stimulation bring boundaries corrosion
Lips lick in hunger, ravenous to be taken in full on intercourse ballet
Dance within temples longing for worship all night and well into day
Cellular dials connect to willing phallus able to quell infernos in design
Words exchange and confirmations abound, calls end to interrupt the line
Waiting patiently, the bathroom mirror waits alongside to play part in ecstasy
Reflect if it will illuminate being so deep inside of doubled she

Reflect this motion in tandem climax
Caramel arousal as skin reacts
In the looking glass as moans abound free
Enjoying the strokes as mirrors the same see

Repeat once

Verse Two
Adonis modern lost in the peaceful resolve of repast without thought
Merely dreams, aspirations are the snare in which all conscious is caught
Pillow topped thrones for rests encircle the broad nature of shoulders to caress
Tight and steel in resolved, the body is more than description, more the bless
Chocolate dropped, melted over frame to drape perfectly without seam
More than near to endless fantasy is this god formed, an ebony dream
Vibrations and music interrupt the peaceful slumbers of wonderful myth
No motions to cease the alarms until maybe fourth or even fifth
That number on display is the digits counting the passion of a soul
Caramel recollections tantalize, regress the tendency to take control
Right now needed is the fix, the foreplay, afterwards, and satisfied conclude
Backwards longing for invasion and for one to forcefully intrude
Clothes simply a foolish necessity despite a disappearance upon arrival
Amid fumbling, strokes in positive positions, angles take desire’s survival
Speeding over to the place where time will mean nothing as passing hour be
Take her to the brink with looking glass watching from other sides, doubled she

Chorus 2xs

Verse Three
Mirror, mirror on the wall mimicking animalistic actions satisfying inherent desires
Lady love looks with eyes as wide as her parted legs embracing the moment and sights seen, perspires
Coitus between the two, igniting parallels of penetration and producing love dew
Refracted images of clenched teeth, scratched back and curled toes is in viewWith each time the length of he presses deeper between her thighs, levels rise
And watching body chemistries combine through a participant’s eyes
Has got miss so turned on by glass representations that muscular tendons are sore
Yielding mutually intensified experience of bliss, comparable to none before
For none before had satisfied this sole solicitors sensual sighs for instant gratification
Consequently, concurring that cute quickies are better than masturbation
Looking glass self sharing facial expression of pain and pressure and pleasure
Squeezing walls tight, inside and out, getting hers by any measure
Hesitant to blink, not wanting to miss a single instant
She tries to hold her climax but seems she can no longer resist it
He plows inside her like the last harvest of the year
Surrendering to climatic peaks she whispers in his ear…“Thank you”

Chorus 2xs

(The two reach climax together, their breathing ragged but pleased. Nine months pass to a grand gift, the greatest gift God could bestow. For six years this boy grew, living with the disorder. Mother couldn’t take it…but father had no choice but made the right one.)

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