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Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Jackque Handy Touche...

"...the all natural opiate."

Self love, the all natural opiate. -John Milton (played by Al Pacino), FILM: The Devil's Advocate, 1997


Admittedly, what you read next is not a reflection of what that quote meant...


A more apropos quote (or blurb rather) would be this:

Sexual stimulation, especially of one's own genitals (self masturbation), often to the point of orgasm

Self-improvement is masturbation. -Tyler Durden (played by Brad Pitt), FILM: Fight Club, 1999

When first asked to write this, I wanted to approach the subject of masturbation from a different perspective. Usually you hear ill of it in the religious sectors...

...some people are ashamed of it. The shame is a part I wanted to add to it for a contrast. In writing it I wanted to exalt it a little bit, almost like it was a nearly blessed ritual...

In the end it turned out rather well and here is the result..."Greatest Ever"...

Greatest Ever

Verse One
Tightly held, gripping the pulse of the moment in cuffed hand
Labored breathing drawn upon satisfaction easel as quietly planned
Smooth fluid motion, a focus on conclusions so right
Alone amongst the future mess amid the dimmed light
Sensitive the touch is, almost as if everything done is correct
Inspiration seems the photographs perused, upon which do movements reflect
Never felt this type of feeling present in the silences of solitaire
Perfect knowledge of how to do this, place the gripping there
Master of the tantric teasing, head and shoulders above all in this endeavor
Do it once more in the hidden repetition, absolutely the greatest ever

Verse Two
Viselike holding on to the completions with four and one unified
Give the focus almost indestructible that nothing else ever supplied
Euphoric recitation without words spoken, more guttural noise than anything
Patient to wait for the surprising that persistence will bring
So right it feels it feels just by being so wrong, wrong the opiate of the masses
The feeling of necessity will come but afterwards it passes
So does the man, spent, tired, longing to lay a body down rest
Gotten the desires off minds and the yelling off the chest
Kama sutra nearly, a mere sense of grasp is too clever
Close eyes and recollect the sounding joy; that was the greatest ever

Verse Three
Focuses upon nothing else, dare not look away from the unity here
Waiting for the overwhelming quench of a mouthless thirst to appear
Called happiness, called the quickest fix, called the time killer
All names true but now call this a Jackson similar as a thriller
Concentrations on nothing else, no notice for the opening of doors
Just a little longer, just a little bit more
Steps creak from the domiciled heavens as one such descends
Worry later about that, we have almost reached the ends
Eruptions cover and eyes roll back to the whites of forever
Caught in the act, ashamed; still…it was the greatest ever

Mother-What the hell are you doing down here? (looks, disgusted) Are you jacking off?

Son-Mom…it’s not what it looks like…

Mother-You’re down here playing with yourself? That is sick…

Son-(cries, ashamed) Get out of here, Mom…get out.

Mother-(walks back upstairs) Nasty bastard…

Until the next...
-Lucius Black, LBK

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