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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Equally opposite (Excerpts)-I

St. Valentine’s Night (Interlude)

Half dead roses on the window seal
Wilted flowers so close to the day

Had a feeling that would catch your eye
Amazing how well you know me...
(He winks)

(She smiles)
This is for...St.Valentine
The sun sets, the stem drops

Almost without sounds or sights

It doesn't have sound?
Scarcely any…
Hmm.... oh, well

Leaves start to fall
Tumbling drowsy, elegantly
One by one, for every hour she's alone…
Until the pile up, a mess of remnants there

(The Equal Opposites were in rare form tonight. Their performances are always interesting to watch, even to that guy in the back who ponders over taking one of those listening ladies home with him tonight. He reaches in pocket and feels around. Inside he finds change, a few dollars of various denominations, and a few loose rubbers.)