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Friday, May 14, 2010

Lieu & Lu: The Inspiration




First things first before we go any farther...


The one thing that I do more than write is read. I read everything from the Bible to the blogs. In regards to the blogs there are only a few blogs that I actually read religiously. One (or rather two) that I read with great consistency is written by the young lady that you probably saw at the top of this note. Miss Lieu Fatale was introduced to me by a friend (it was either Cam or Santos, I can't remember anymore) and since we've been pretty tight despite the fact that we've never met face to face. Despite that I read her two blogs (Lieu's Brew and Fatale !nk) for a good minute. Based on good music, fashion, reviews, features, current happenings in the entertainment realm, and undiscovered artists it's a damn good blog. The blog (more Lieu's Brew than Fatale !nk) deals with depth and certain thoughts and lessons. The most recent post I've read on both sights have been the mass of folks who are just spinning their wheels and aren't accomplishing a damn thing but a bunch of conversation. That was the catalyst.

Life inspires me (if haven't caught that yet, I'm telling you now). Her words gave me an idea when I was going through a period of rewrites and what became of it was something I really liked. Ladies and gentlemen, "The Syndrome" .

The Syndrome
(The stage is alight as the crowd enjoys the looks and the sounds of Dana Kelly. As she sings her heart out on the stage Darkcrowft slips into the club and looks to be heading toward the table where Slade sits. He holds up one finger to signify that he’ll be right with him. Slade orders his usual drink and Darkcrowft sits at a table with Joe. Not surprisingly Joe’s response to this is less than stellar.)

Joe-Oh my God. What do you want, Darkcrowft?

Darkcrowft-Just to talk to you for a moment. I have to explain something.

Joe-OK. (offers seat) Sit down.

Darkcrowft-Thanks. (sits down) I understand that you have a few grievances with me.

Joe-A few.

Darkcrowft-And you’re never quiet about voicing these things you don’t like about me. But I’d like to make a confession.

Joe-(raises eyebrow) Oh?

Darkcrowft-I think you’re a young man who’s chock full of potential. And I think the reason I don’t you like you or particularly respect you as a person is the fact that you’re so much like Darin-a talented soul who chooses to abuse that talent.

Joe-(angrily) I’m nothing like Darin Black.

Darkcrowft-You are. Instead of using your considerable charm and your ability to put words together for your personal greatness you once deemed it necessary to cast your lot in with your uncle. He, like you, chose to squander talent to become a criminal.

Joe-(wrinkles face) And you’re telling me this because?

Darkcrowft-I don’t want you to have done nothing your whole life…and one day wake up one day, knowing that you are old and used up. And you have done nothing with your life. You should have a life full of regrets and triumphs. You already have a few regrets, I’m sure.

Joe-I do.

Darkcrowft-Good. An empty life is a syndrome no one should have to suffer.

Slum sickness coursing through
The veined artery into actions unexplained
Contortions among the portions
Thinking thoughts throughout the brain
Ill fated fortunes must have
Brought about the condition
Now only to find a way
To send insanity into remission

Verse One
The wasted days wait in numbers
Counted against the bones of men
Who see life as merest stumbles
That feet clumsy trip into again and again
To the next fail
And set sail
For ports of ideals in stale
No ventures to a glorious home
For champions, not those of the syndrome

The season of the sickness
Infect the witness
None dismiss this
Backwards hustles in the gloaming
Dying watch ones above the syndrome sing

Verse Two
Lost opportunity without direction wander
Through veins of man alive
As some negatively ponder
Against the beautiful strive
In jaded eyes
So despise
The meteoric rise
Of the talented souls breaking the dome
To achieve successes and shake off the syndrome



Verse Three
Moments slip away into disappear
From the blood of the living sort
Some have made it crystal clear
That the plan is to abort
Stupid sentiment
Life irrelevant
Nothing for the descendant
After gone to that place of Jesus tome
Here lies another killed by the syndrome




Darkcrowft-I'll get this round. Enjoy…and think about what I said.

Joe-OK…and thank you.

(Darkcrowft places a crisp twenty dollar bill on the table and makes his way towards Slade. In his sitting Joe seems not to notice the music playing or the person on the stage who is allowing their voice to collude with it. So focused on the words left heavy on his spirit he barely notices Vegas enter with a woman who isn’t Dana. Most unfortunately Dana notices them as they sit down.)

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