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Friday, May 7, 2010

The Glorious M.O.M.

My job as a mother...I will defend that come hell or high water.
-Deadira Brents

To date there is one job that is truly the world's older profession-being a mother. No task (short of hanging on a cross and dying for the world's sins) is as daunting and sometimes as thankless as being a mother. Surely some would argue that being a mother isn't a job due to the fact there isn't a salary for it. I'd disagree. Most times I watch my mother doing everything she does, all she sacrifices and I am truly grateful for it. Upon further I realize that not only is motherhood a job it's an inspiration, a full contact sport, a work of art, a blessing, a cross to bear that shows the character of a woman, and many more things. In light of that, in light of all the mothers I dedicate this note to you. I will only tag five or six mothers in this note but know that this is something for all of you. And to any others who read this, share it with your mother as Mother's Day approaches and show her how much she truly means to you.

Maternal Ode

Verse One
In the greatest gift a woman rises above any doubts ever born within
Doubts seem luxury that future matriarch is not to enjoy again
Borrow Sampson strength the task to be at hand
For the life to come does not ask but more so demands
So cry every tear now because there will be little room to weep
For that bundled joy cries now that mother put the wails to sleep
Be more than ever for the moment calls you to
Born in instinct so worry not, you will know what to do
Sleepless nights coming but more happiness with the insomnia days
The giggles and smiles will make all worth in its ways
The first born is the greatest joy but a challenge all the same
So much pride but such stress from calling that name
Watch daughter grow or watch son thrive under your watchful eye
Give confidence and values to them, teach the when and why
But that is a far off thing as the second generation grows within womb of she
Someday soon she will be the next great woman to fulfill the destiny

Lucius-Okay, baby…breathe. Breathe, Aisha.

Aisha-(breathless, angry) Shut up, Lucius…how about you have these damn babies?

Lucius-It’s gonna be okay, love…

Aisha-(yelling) SHUT UP!!! DRUGS!!! GIVE ME DRUGS!!!

(From the room beyond the delivery room, Joe and Kelly, along with Deborah, Sarah, and Aisha’s parents hear the screams of Aisha. Joe, in typical style, tries to lighten the mood.)

Joe-(whispers to Kelly) I guess she wants drugs…

Kelly-I never would have guessed that from the screams. (looks at Deborah) Your mother and Aisha’s parents are so calm…

Joe-They’ve been here before…this kind of thing doesn’t really make them as nervous as it’s making us…

Kelly-…or Lucius for that matter. His first child…

Joe-Our first nieces or nephews… or niece and nephew.

(The screams and yells from the delivery room last for hours on end until some time in the morning, as the sun begins to rise the yells are replaced by the sounds of crying. Deborah, being the only one still awake, wakes everyone.)

Deborah-That’s our cue…

(The family walks in to see husband and wife transformed into mother and father, each holding a small quietly cooing baby. Joe looks at the two newborns and smirks slightly.)

Joe-Hard to believe that someone as ugly as you could make a cute kid, Lucius…I guess Aisha’s genes won out.

(The room at large at laughs as Lucius smiles slightly and talks to the son her he holds in his arms.)

Lucius-(to his son) And that is your Uncle Joe…

Kelly-(looking at her niece) So what are their names?

Aisha-(to Kelly) This is your niece Saalayah Janae Black…

(The parents look at his granddaughter with love and affection as Lucius introduces his son to the family that will be his as he grows.)

Lucius-(to Deborah) And this is your grandson, Lucian Robert Black.

Kelly-Lucian and Saalayah…I like it. (to Lucian) Hey cutie…I’m your aunt Kelly.

(And the family looks on as the newest additions to their family look up at them, their small faces lost in quizzical wonder.)