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Thursday, May 27, 2010

the EVOLUTION: desire the Streetcar

In writing a character such as Tara Kelly I drew aspects of her from many of the females that I know. That list includes ex-girlfriends, friends, acquaintances, random females, one time encounters, and those young women I count as closer than close. By way of an example:

  1. One of my closest friends, Janae was the inspiration behind the marvelous singing voice has. Having heard her sing after alternate time of hearing her sing in a mock offkey way over the phone, actually hearing her actual talent made me include that detail to Tara.

  2. Another friend, Angelica, is the reason behind the eyes that Tara has. Numerous times I have said that she has nice eyes, a kind of hazel-light brown deal. Her eye stand out to me so when I wrote Tara I had to give her an eye color that stood out similarly to Angelica's. This is why Tara is the ONLY character (exception being her daughters) with that eye color.

  3. A lot if not most of my female friends have a measure of beauty and sex appeal so more likely than not, if you're a female friend of mine some of you went into Tara's inception.

With her I deemed that she should start out as a less than popular character in her beginnings. So I put her in as a temptation to Lucius Black and essentially a rival with Aisha Washington for Lucius' affection. As the story progresses we will see how this triangle plays out. For now, on to her original introduction.

Immaculate Solo
(As promised Lucius Black and Maxwell Riley conduct interviews for new people to work at Dirtyfoot’s, with the result of the club being busy for a large part of the day. For the largest part of the day the two partners are wholly unimpressed. All that changes as four people walk into Dirtyfoot’s.)

Lucius-(without looking up) Name?

Man-Quinton G. Ziegler…but everyone calls me GQ.

Riley- Forgive us if we don’t join the masses. Now what exactly is your talent?

Quinton-I’m glad you asked.

(At that he pulls a beautiful black and gold electric guitar from its case and plugs in the amp; still, despite the beauty of the guitar, they still seem unimpressed.)

Lucius-So your talent is showmanship?

Riley-(to Lucius) Or better yet guitar removal.

(Both start laughing until Quinton starts to play an amazing rendition of Seals and Crofts’ “Summer Breeze” during which he makes his guitar wail and whine as well as the two musicians who first played it. Lucius and Riley are floored by his talent but their faces don’t show it; for a moment, Quinton looks crestfallen.)

Riley-GQ, is it?

Quinton-Yes, sir.

Riley-You start on Monday. Go talk to the music coordinator Torian Kennedy. He will give you your schedule.

Lucius-Thank you and welcome to Dirtyfoot’s. Next?

(The next is also a male but this one in particular has a cocky swagger and a smug look to match; both Lucius and Riley regard him with a small degree of dislike.)


Man-Trenton Masters.

Lucius -Why does your name sound familiar?

Trenton-You might know my half-sister, Donna. She recommended that I come here and audition.

Riley-Donna’s your sister? Okay, I trust her judgment as far as talent but the real question is what kind of talent are we talking about?

Trenton-Give me a beat.

Lucius-GQ, come here.

Quinton-Yes, Mr. Black?

Lucius-Play “Summer Breeze” on your guitar for me, please. Loop the chorus.

Quinton-Gotcha, boss.

(GQ plays the requested song and Trent begins to string words together in a albeit brief but effective tapestry.)

Trenton-Madly I run to the summers so hot and bothered with kisses, insanity
Lost are the foolish autumn notions and winter thoughts of my vanity
All I need now more than oxygen needs fire and versa vice
One season seasoned with the summer breeze may just suffice
Moreover maybe, baby I need you like heartless needs unkind
Summer breeze makes me feels fine, blowing through the jasmine in my mind

Riley-I see talent runs in the family.

Trenton-Thanks, sir.

Lucius-You’re in. You start on Monday. Get some of your stuff together. I want it on point for Monday night.

Trenton-It will be. I won’t disappoint.

Riley-We’re sure of that. Next?

(The next person to enter is a young woman who has a soft type of beauty that seems to be rare these days; with that beauty is a certain familiarity. A few heads turns as she walks and stands in front of the two partners.)

Lucius-How old are you?

Woman-I’m nineteen years old.

Riley-Okay, name?

Woman-Kelly Lauren McCloud.

Lucius-Say again?

Kelly-Kelly Lauren McCloud.

Riley-You look oddly familiar…why do you look oddly familiar?

Kelly -Well, people say I look like my brother…he’s dead though.

Riley-How did he die?

Kelly-Killed last year in Hollyville by one Charles Williams.

Riley-(aside) She means Vegas. (to Kelly) That means your Douglas McCloud’s sister?!?

Kelly-Yes, sir, Mr. Riley. Incidentally enough how‘re Veronica and the baby? Tell her I said hello.

Riley-Great and I will.

Lucius-What’s your talent?

Kelly -I sing.

Lucius-Sing a little something.

(And she sings in a voice that sounds like it should not rightly belong to her; it is beautiful and mournful all at the same time. Both partners try hard to hid the tears in their eyes.)

Both -You’re hired

Kelly-Thanks, guys. I didn’t think I had the talent to work here.

(She walks off leaving the surrounding listeners in awe. Lucius speaks first after she walks off.)

Lucius-Modest one, isn’t she?

Riley-Truly that. Next?

(Upon utterance of these words the next potential walks in and heads of turn as she does so. The young woman who walks into Dirtyfoot’s seems to fill the place with a beauty that was absolute and blinding. Both partners look at her but with different thoughts in mind.)

Riley-(aside) Someone that beautiful means trouble.

Lucius-(aside) Wow…she’s absolutely beautiful.

(Riley is the first to regain his faculties having not first lost them and begins with the interview.)

Riley-Name, please.

Woman-Tara Kelly.

Lucius-Little Tara?!? Wow, you grew up…well.

Tara-(laughs)Thank you, Lucius.

Riley-Growing up aside, what is your talent, Miss Kelly?

Tara-I can sing. Listen to this.

(And in that moment all the heads that had previously snapped back into place after the curvaceous form of Tara Kelly jerk again as she sings her heart out and melts every male there as if a hot knife going through butter.)

Both-You’re hired.

Tara-(laughs) Thank you both for this opportunity….I can’t wait to tell Dana.

Riley-Before you do we need to meet with you and introduce you to the staff. Hang back for like five minutes.

Tara -Yes, sir.

(Tara walks off and necks break and crane in her wake similarly to her entrance; after her departure the two owners converse.)

Riley-I think we made some good choices today, Lucius.

Lucius-Me, too..especially Tara.

Riley-(sighs) As talented as she is she is too beautiful to not cause drama. I think we need to sever ties as soon as possible or watch her closely.

Lucius-We cannot just fire someone because they happen to be beautiful and over an unfounded suspicion, Max.

Riley-Nor can we keep her around because she has a perfect shape and a round ass, Lucius. We’re running a business not directing a rap video.

Lucius-If you, if we can give Douglas McCloud the benefit of the doubt we can give her a chance, Max.

Riley-Okay but the minute a line is crossed that’s it.


(But as the two partners shake hands and agree their minds do not.)

Male VO
Into the mind of Maxwell Riley

Verse One
Trust unknown beauty seems to be foolish for genius society
All other sexually punch drunk as one remains the only one with a measure of sobriety
So as lupine teeth in male mouths hound the curves of her body form fantastic
It is left to the pragmatist to see in the flesh the values of the plastic
Neither doubts nor can it be refuted that she is glorious in temporal physical notions
The fear is that all will be susceptible to her love lust potions
But this is not said for everyone for these concerns are not regards dearly for them
My partner, brother, and friend-these worries are all to him
Those eyes glowed red and for brief moment temptress eyes flashed green
The sheer oddest and strangest thing these ocular muscles have ever seen
But maybe all this is unfounded; maybe he is smart enough and already knows
Yet even now so falls he deeper into chords sensual sweet of the immaculate solo

This be the immaculate solo
As man’s sinful nature hopes for a yes when all of her screams no
What will a friend do as he sees comrades dance to the sultry tune?
Unaware even that it will spell his doom just that soon

Male VO
Into the mind of Lucius Black

Verse Two
Time and times made a little girl into a goddess in human guise and I cannot help but stare
Despite and consider the fact that I have unto myself a chanteuse solitaire
Even as that lives in my heart as a talisman to keep the stray dog in me to stray into unknown territories
The dog in me longs to wolf stalk goddess steps into a temptation story
Maybe this brother shaking hand is more correct in this situation than I could hope to ever be
But eyes entrance upon first sight so all else falls into lust at what they first see
Hunger for something beyond the realm of dinner, ravenous and gluttonous for her perfect skin
Never will this appetite of its type be satisfied until all of his touches this queen among women
No, there is love already set out for me, flawless diamond emotion that give life lights
Yes, just once though, all solo single needs solitaire is just one night
To dance with the devil in pale moonlights and taste flames of her body flavors
Yet this is the one thing, one solo that I cannot savor


(And the thoughts that are all their own are put aside as the two partners stand before their staff, new and old alike, and talk to them.)

Riley-To those people who worked here before: it's good to have you here; to those new employees, welcome. As you may or may not already know my name is Maxwell Riley and (pointing in the direction of Lucius)this is my partner Lucius Black. We are the new co-owners of Dirtyfoot's. We have basically the same rules as our predecessor R. Tobias Slade, Sr.; his rule was simple: come here to work and leave all your drama at home. that understood?

(All present murmur assent; satisfied, Riley nods his head at Lucius so that he can say his piece.)

Lucius-(to Riley) Thank you, Max. (to everyone) Let me introduce the staff to you. This is Trevor Walker, or T.J. as we call him, our trusted advisor/stage manager/ janitor.


T.J.-Place has gotta be clean, son.

(All chuckle.)

Lucius-Our musical coordinator Torian Kennedy, bartender/performer Willie Leroy, resident artist/occasional performer Jonathan Riley, poet Donna Graham, performer Joe Black, waitresses/performers Dana Kelly and Toni Casey, emcee Jamal Bonner, or Boney J.

(As their name is called each person stands up to acknowledge Lucius's introduction.)

Lucius-And finally performers Aisha Washington and Lena Jones. All these people make up the unique fabric that is Dirtyfoot's. Everyone has a dream, something that they want. (points to stage) This stage, this place is the first step. I don't expect anyone to stay here forever because this place is a launching ground for whatever desires and fantasies we have. I said it before and I'll say it again: Dirtyfoot’s is the best place for each of us to find what is we really want. I hope your tenure here helps you find that. See you all on Monday.

(All clap and disperse; Tara looks back and winks at Lucius who smiles and thinks those thoughts again. But someone speaking to him tears him away.)