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Friday, July 15, 2011

Black Scion Poetic [1]

This is my way of saying...yeah, I still write epics.

For a moment of caustic seconds
We glared across the abyss
And we saw this
Another notorious figure
Mirrored into motions upon opposites
Of ships passing in the night

Verse One
They’re fearful fuckers
Clock suckers
Two so timeless, always
Those Lauper nasty boys
Time after time
Into sweetest repetitions
A rendition of the ego
Wherever I go
He go, she go
Down for the count
She's licked over and over
Cumming up short
In your scarecrow sensibilities
"Daddy's home..."
That's her fearful symmetry
Sharing the goods with both
In hopes of feeling hole again
But you don't
I won't kowtow to your fright there
A nightmare syndrome
Boogeyman logic
I'll taste like the tonic
Liquid courage
You forage more
One question, Goldie...
Who's this porridge for?


Verse Two
We’re ugly honesty
Something honors me
Bowed like the arrow might
See the reflection?
I can’t William or tell
Everything about it is legend
The chanciest encounter
When clout stirs
Down all doubters
No one blinks a bit
Because no fear is the motto
It rested in the eyes of devils
A modern violence
It’s a whisper
Super sweet ultraviolet
Beaming on the other twisted vine
Kudzu in killer seasons
Yet no choking
Breaking the fourth wall barrier
A real night terror
Shadows shifty
The afraid are thrifty
Cheap thoughts abound
Only cards to be pulled
Tell me, little piggy…
Are you afraid of bad wolves?