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Sunday, March 22, 2009

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The furrowed brow be almost perfections to me
Her thoughts focused aphrodisiac potent more than poisons ingested
She is elegance among the elocutions, sensual sexy shown through concentrations
On this or any task set before that beautiful mind
Numbers ensnare her visage but do not lessen
That part that contributes to the complete set
Of all things that make me desire the skin
And the mind and spirit bound to them
You look so beautiful right now

(A cell phone buzzes, an a text message appears, taking her away from the mundane studies and making

Girl- My escape...such a beloved whisper.

My Escape (Beloved Whisper)

Take away tired days, sunset in simply said things
Idle minds refrain to seek flight amid wings
Silently pensive in a ponder of elsewhere land
Where a heaven behind sight counts forever in the sands
Off to distance too distant to measure or tape
Away and yonder is the pure greatest, my escape

Verse One
Random among tedious
Gallop about the moment
One thought stays constant
Perfect, dangerous
To linger on you
Dancing wild, adrift in smiles
An amazing thrill
My moment, my escape

My moment, child of a dream
My getaway, beloved whisper
My moment, child of a fantasy
My escape, beloved whisper

Repeat once

Verse Two
Lost now in living boredom
Staring off into distant
Thinking it again
Fantasy, kingdom
All within you
Living amid this heaven
Heavenly dreaming
A second for escape

Chorus 2xs

Verse Three
Once upon a thought of you
Burning bright in a mundane place
Consuming the real
Transcending this, true
Beautiful ever
Waiting when eyes close tight
There in a daydream
My moment, my escape

Chorus 2xs


Chorus 2xs

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