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Sunday, March 22, 2009

What would it mean to you to...ESCAPE ?

"You act just like your daddy..."
"That reminds me of something your momma did when she grew up..."

Most people take these words and smile...but not all do that. There are times when we want nothing more to escape from what people have said about our family memebers gone and tread out own path...

...sometimes that path is one leading to fame and fortune...

...other times it leads to INFAMY.

Desires Of Infamy (Intro)
(Sprawled out among the flashing lights he was, caught up in the electric thrill of another year of life...everything seems sharper, more new than it had been before. The city waits patiently to be taken and he plans to take it, fast and willingly almost as if a hungry wolf seeking to devour every pleasure in one night. Only one thing stops him…)

Kingston-I can’t say I’m following what you’re saying, Robert…

Robert-Don’t you read? I’m talking about the greatest criminals this city has ever seen…

Kingston-(annoyed) I do read…and if I read correctly there are a lot of infamous factors of the ‘criminal element’ that have been noted since this city’s inception. You need to be more specific, Bobby.

Robert-(sighing) Fine, Stony…three people in particular are who I’m speaking on…a learned man as you claim to be must have heard of Douglas McCloud, Darin Black, and David Jericho, right?

Kingston-I have.

Robert-So what can you tell me about them?

Kingston-I know that McCloud was a monster, Black was a madman, and Jericho, if at all possible, was worse. (confused) What the hell are we talking them for?

Robert-Absolutely correct. (silence). Have you ever wanted to live beyond your name, Stony?

Kingston-I’m going to assume you mean to climb from behind the shadow of your surname and to make your mark in this world.

Robert-Yeah…that’s what I’m talking about.

Kingston-What’s so wrong with being a Riley?

Robert-I hate it…son of Maxwell Riley and Veronica Slade-Riley, grandson of celebrated detective Sterling Riley and businessman R. Tobias Slade, Sr. It’s a legacy I want no part of.

Kingston-Be glad you have one…I never knew my father and my mother is one of the most unassuming sorts you’ll ever meet.

Robert-I want infamy so badly I can taste it…and I will.

(This statement is spoken more to himself as Robert paces, almost as if he forgot Kingston was there. Kingston seems to see this and speaks, jarring him away from his mental solitude.)

Kingston-Infamy, huh? Well if you do what I think you’re about to do, I would like to hope you’re more original than quoting Greek mythology, stealing money from families, or trying to rule this insignificant city…they had no vision in my opinion.

Robert-(smirks) I believe you’re wrong but I’ll allow you your opinion. So will you go in on this with me?


Robert-And what about you?

(This statement is posed to a figure standing in the background of the scene. Standing in the shadows is Douglas Riley, Robert’s older brother. He had been eerily quiet throughout the entire conversation, merely hanging back listening. He speaks few words which is almost as insubstantial as his silence.)

Douglas-Can I have her?

Kingston-(shakes his head) Nothing changes…

Robert-Doug, I don’t give a damn what you do with her…just don’t call me if you make a mess, okay?


Robert-Well, gentlemen, let us prepare to take our place in history…oh, before I forget…Kingston, I know how you love a good puzzle. (hands him a book) I found this notebook in the library. Look through it and see what you can find.

Kingston-Will do… (to both) later on, boys.

(The three disperse to their cars and drive away into the night that stretches on before them. Once again, after almost twenty years, we return to Hollyville; with that reurn is the likely and almost necessary return to Dirtyfoot’s. We, as always, begin with the ending in mind. So now we begin again for the last time.)

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