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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The State Of Things...



Of the two albums, which do you prefer?

T.I.-I'm Serious or T.I. vs T.I.P.
50 Cent-Get Rich Or Die Tryin' or The Massacre
**I could go on FOREVER but I'm trying to make the point...**

Taking nothing away from the albums that follow the debut but sometimes it seems that the second or any preceeding album lack some of the fire that that debut seemed to have. It is sometimes an ugly truth that the same artists you loved from their first album doesn't usually stay the same. They mostly become commercial caricatures of themselves or don't put the same energy into the next. This is just me speaking on that.

That made among flashing lights and crimson carpet sold origins years ago to be drone in the machine
True art appreciations from the beginning fans call screams and pleading for the returns to the green
When words were real and not rehearsed verses in the acts and scenes of the dumb down recited almost stalely
Back then when that beat was lacerated cut raw and played by the masses on the daily
The street strung sounds got the notices of the gamed musical and he heeded their siren call, to fanatics promising
That this beast snake that sculpted so many into model lies would not force he into compromising
So the verbal stayed same for long enough to pacify the loyalist masses
Later when the gripping monster finally squeezed the thirst from his heart, the loyal were made in braying asses
Betrayals it seemed as the hero of the hometowns turned into the solo thing he promised never to be
Here and now the baton that was dropped harder than hard so I guess it's up to me
We differ but similar selves strive now I do this thing so that my name is remembered as if hieroglyphics carving
Different because he sits plumped full at the King's table almost done, I am ready and willing as I walk among the living zombie starving
Plan be fed but eat small portions so that the slenderer contender stay the same ravenous hungered soul
But sooner or later even the hungriest get fed to the point where they lose control
I could get fat and complacent, regarding promises and supporters as not part of the plan
And sooner rather than later this alike almost will be the verse of the new neighborhood savior man

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