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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Q + L Sessions: 2nd Entry

If I'm not mistaken, the first time that myself and Quinton collaborated was when I was working on one of my first albums (LIVE @ Dirtyfoot's) and I needed something different for a song I was working on-"The Lion And The Warrior". He contributed a stellar verse. Here it is:

Where’s your artistic skin?
Got sonnets to mend the hearts of men
And women, I'm tripping on intimate sin again
Zen swimming in yin
Reunited with Lu to ignite a truth, it seems
From snot-nosed seeds, we rose above the trees
With souls to the loose-leaf, now men seeking the solace
Paw-prints on knowledge, sharpening my thoughts to abolish unpolished so-called MCs and scholars
None equal to my lethal pauses, my peoples and I leading and teaching on the crest of the arrested conscience
Confetti crews steady peddling and looping the petty poop
I shoot my heady to Betty Boops and machete swoop the brethren not on my wisdom tooth
I'm too feathery to cope with the coop
I got a group that's betting on me to renew the sky's blue
Eternity ahead of me, I'm ready to rewrite history, spread the message to unlock genius's mystery and spark a better breed than we could dream
Plethora of cranium electric, feed off my essence
Strive to be the best man, if they never notice, it’s a blessing
The stride of a silent sage, he lived his days his way

At first reading, the wordplay blew me away (and still does to this day. So whenever I have a verse or when he has an idea, we bounce it around as awritten freestyle that usually comes out pretty well. Like this:

He's Helter,
I'm Red Skelter
Let’s help 'em
Like 2 Red Skulls
Young bucks get Bucky'd
Welcome to pirate radio
Like Pyrex we bake these flows funky
Girl, go on my diet
Try my bacon loaf love meat
She tastes lovely
I'm a granola Goya,
Hippie Hillary with the hips on my Thoia Thoia,
"Boy oh Boy! Boink me"
Politely ask is cosplay your kind of kinky math
She preceded to exceed my dreams in a Barney mask
Darn, he's crass,
Don't cross my orny path
You ducks, I'm the Don Donald
Daffy as (Uncle) Scrooge's laugh

Trimmed trick off a trio of Huey, Dewey, and Louie
Truly more ducks than dodging
Curtis capers number nine with bullets
Captain Black Sparrow, savvy?
Aboard a broad, more dame than bitch
A switch of the tongue
Neither French nor cunnilingus, mere spit
Still making the rounds
Doc Feelgood Black, DeLorean daddy cousin got ‘em cumming
Nah…rather running, bowed down knee to forehead
Again said? Again said, lost in the freaky arithmetic
Spread, maybe Andre or almost peanut butter to slick say her role
STD envy to infect the masses, the Q & L session over…end of classes

2 QB's shooting for cuties
Don't care if you got 2 D's
Or if you're flat like 2D
We stay humble
Swingers with stingers, these bees bumble
I need a girl to coach me and drop it easy like a fumble
Share your fungi with a fun guy
Its cool
I'm geeky, you're cheeky and a lil' cunt shy
Crosseyed Cyclops in hightops,
A lonely pupil waiting for a dot to top me like one I
Lucius and Q spew ill game like Bruce Bruce and Lil' Wayne

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