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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

for a lavender...rose

Past Out

Verse One
Lilac roses look at lingered scars, past out
Cast away the remnants of what seemed a crippling doubt
Since there was nothing there to make leaves grow
Rooted here and deciding to purposefully let go
All that was molding the future of waiting possibility
What was will stay so chose to leave lived lives be

Rose was healed and loved still
Living beyond her past days, no one else will

Verse Two
Lavender rose noticed old decisions collecting dust, past out
Stronger now to see what those choices were truly about
Part of the plan to make a flower exist in thrive
Harsh seasons meant to weather leaves, keep bloom alive
So mighty survivor took rough lesson and unsure breeze
All for the moment to come when a mind would be at ease


So in the blooming days rose became glorious
Something for any to behold with proud eyes
Far beyond the past things
So much stronger still

Interlude plays


Verse Three
Pale purple rose, thankfully you fail to past out
Through every sadness setback, every yell and shout
Most others may have fallen in the lights of what went before
Yet a tattered rose held strong and so much more
To finally see the sunshine after the rain
Finding a smile in futures after pasts of pain


There are many nicknames that I have for the people close to me...



Cam Ski Ro




ONE FRIEND is called by me a lavender rose. I call her that because she is beautiful, different than a lot of likewise beauties. Through three songs I have told her's hopinmg the next one allows me to continue it to a happy ending.

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